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Acura Neon Signs » Types of Neon Business Signs

Types of Neon Business Signs

Written by blogadmin on March 2, 2014. Posted in Uncategorized

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Types of Neon Business Signs

There are nothing like neon business signs to help you promote and run your operation successfully. These signs draw attention to your location or even help enhance the inside of your establishment. It is difficult to operate most business without some type of signs and neon signs are the popular choice today, because of their special ambiance they provide. Check some the types of these signs below to help you choose which ones are right for you business.

1. Interior signs are used inside your establishment to restate the name of your company, to direct customers to restrooms or to show the name of a particular section of the restaurant just for some examples. These are suitable for many types of businesses.

2. Pylon or pole neon business signs are simply signs mounted onto poles or pylons to display them. These are ideal for outdoor display, as they can be made as large or as tall as needed to bring attention to your place of business.

3. Monument signs are ideal for making a statement. There are various different shapes, sizes and designs. Neon signing highlights the whole appearance of the sign.

4. Another type of signage is the electronic message centers. There are also special LED boards. These display such messages as the time, temperature and other information you desire. These neon business signs make a unique statement unlike other types of these signs.

5. Awning signage overhangs the entrance of establishments to welcome people into them. These advertise the name of your business, while often providing a rain-free zone depending on the style.

Where do you get neon business signs like the ones mentioned above? Call Acura Neon, Inc. today at 918.252.2258. We have been in business since 1988. We know how to design, install and service your needs.

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