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Signs Company: 5 Tips for choosing the perfect monument sign for your business

Written by blogadmin on February 8, 2015. Posted in Uncategorized

signs company

Signs Company: 5 Tips for choosing the perfect monument sign for your business

A monument sign makes a difference to your business or residential development by giving a professional look to your organization and making it easy to locate your business. If strategically placed, it directs people right to your corporation and creates a lasting impression on them. Here are some tips to help you choose the right monument sign for your establishment.

1. Evaluate the goal of the sign- will it distinguish a subdivision, get possible tenants to an apartment community or distinguish a shopping center or tenants leasing there.

2. The sign’s location is important as it should not be placed in the sight triangle or off property.

3. Check the local authorities for the allowable square footage, setbacks and flow lines. Most signs don’t account for the tenant’s allowable sq. footage in most cities, which means it’s free signage for you.

4. Next, consider the ‘flavor’ of the name as the design, font and layout should represent the property’s name well. A Victorian style font will not serve well for a computer shop!

5. Choose the right material for your monument sign. The most common types used are steel, aluminum, wood, masonry and expanded polystyrene. Wood is usually the cheapest and lasts about 5-10 years.

Though steel is reasonably priced and may last 10-15 years, it can rust. Expanded polystyrene signs have foam in the core with a hard, fiberglass shell coating. Though they hold up well, they don’t have much structural strength. If not tampered with, they may last 10 – 20 years.

Aluminum is a great material to use for constructing monument signs as it never rusts and can last 20-30 years if well constructed. Masonry signs are the longest lasting and well constructed ones can last 50 years or more. A blend of aluminum and masonry creates the best sign for long life and gives space for creativity.

No matter what establishment you run, these 5 tips should help you choose the right monument sign from your sign company. Remember it is the perfect sign that creates the best impression and a professional image to customers and visitors of your property. Call up your favorite signs company at 918.252.2258 for more details!

Anisigns, An Electric Sign Company

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Electric Sign Company

Anisigns, An Electric Sign Company

When choosing the right electric sign company, there are some things you need to take into consideration. When your company decides to put up an exterior sign, you want it to stand out, look good, and last through the test of time. But that is just a small part of choosing a company. You want a company that is reputable, has been in business for a long time, and one that stands behind their work, not just for getting your sign up and running, but a company that’s also going to be there for you after the sail. This means that when you need help with your sign, whether it’s repair, or replacing burnt out bulbs, or whatever, you can get them out to your business right away.

 In most cases, choosing the right company is a simple matter of looking up companies on the internet. You want a company that is as close to you business as possible. While there are some national sign companies, you may not get the quality of customer service that you would with a company in your local area. A local company, one that has a lot of clients, is much easier to deal with, and you can see examples of their work around your community, allowing you to see first hand the quality of their work.

If your business is located in or near Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, the one electric sign company you can turn to for all your needs is Acura Neon Signs. They are locally owned and operated, and can create a sign to fit both your needs and your budget. You can call them at; 918-252-2258, or visit their convenient website at http://anisigns.com/. Contact them today for more information, and see their extensive portfolio online.

Choosing The Right Signs for Business

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Choosing The Right Signs for Business

So you’ve decided that you need to promote your business, but are not sure how to go about it. It’s okay, you’re not the only business owner that’s run into this dilemma. Here are some things to consider first. What kind of sign are you going to need? Are you open later, and need a sign that lights up at night? What kind of lighting are you going to include? There are so many choices, neon, conventional bulbs, even LED. All have their pros and cons, and can range greatly in price. You also have to consider the size and shape of the sign, and where it’s going to be placed for maximum exposure.

 You also need to consider company itself. Unless you have a lot of locations, it’s much easier to go with a local company. They know the community, they have examples of their work you can actually see, and if there is ever a problem, you can get them out there right away to take care of the problem. Things to think about when choosing the right local company is how long they’ve been in business, are they registered with the Better Business Bureau, and how extensive is their portfolio. When contacting the right company, you need to check how good their customer service is, if they are available in case of an emergency, and if they can work with your budget.

Whether your business is located in Bixby, Broken Arrow, or the surrounding area, one place you can go for signs for business is Acura Neon Signs. They are local, out of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, and have been in business for almost three decades. Their extensive portfolio includes examples in the local area, and chances are you’ve driven by at least one of them. For more information you can call them at 918-252-2258, and visit their website at;http://anisigns.com/sign-company/.

What You Need to Know about Outdoor Business Sign Prices

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What You Need to Know about Outdoor Business Sign Prices

Any brick-and-mortar company needs to include money for outdoor signage in its advertising budget. This signage broadcasts the location of the company and makes it easier for clients or customers to know where to go in order to do business. However, before a company can receive a valid quote for the sign it needs to decide on what type, size and design of that sign. Each one of these elements figure in on the outdoor business sign prices our signage company charges to make and install the signs.


We offer pylon/pole, monument, electronic message centers and awning types of outdoor signs. Each one has its own, unique benefits to provide your company. The pylon/pole signs include cabinets attached to a pylon or pole. Various materials are used to construct these signs and illuminating them is possible. Monument signs are wide and not as tall as the pylon/pole signs are. These signs come in both single-sided and double-sided styles. Assorted materials are used in making these, including stone and brick.


Electronic message centers broadcast various messages such as the weather, time or a company statement. LED boards are also available for this purpose. These are operated today with the help of special software. Awning signs typically go over the entrance of a company. These advertise the name of the establishment. This type of sign offers a warm invitation to clients or customers as they enter the building. The awning signs also can provide protection from the rain, snow, or the heat of the sun.


Contact us here at Acura Neon Inc. today at 918.252.2258 so we may discuss your signage needs. We will help you determine the type, style and size that will suit your business the best. In addition, we will provide you with a quote for our outdoor business sign prices so you can decide what your budget can handle.

Tips for Ordering Metal Building Signs

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Tips for Ordering Metal Building Signs

Metal building signs help to promote any company. Without the right signage, people cannot find where your establishment or company is at as they drive down the road. However, some signs also are placed inside the building to brand it. Quality signs are important investments you need to make for the success of your business. Below are some tips on ordering whatever signs your business needs.


1. Find a reputable company from which to order your sign. You want one that stands behind the work it does for your company. In addition, you want one that does quality work.


2. Make sure the sign company will design your sign for you. This company should take all your ideas into consideration and then design a sign accordingly.


3. The same company should offer installation of your finished sign. Who better to know the right way to install the sign than the company that makes it? The professionals from there will know exactly where the sign needs supporting to stay in place over the long haul.


4. Choose a company that will provide your signs at affordable prices. You will get more return on your investment this way.


5. In addition to choosing the right company for all the above reasons, you need to choose a sign that is large enough to be seen easily when you choose metal building signs for the exterior area of your building. For signs inside the building, do not choose ones that are too large for the area in which they are being installed.


Our staff here at Acura Neon, Inc. will be happy to discuss your needs for metal building signs with you. Just call us today at 918.252.2258 and we will answer any questions we can over the phone or schedule you an appointment for an in-depth discussion.

Benefits of Lighted Building Signs

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Benefits of Lighted Building Signs

As a business owner, you are likely aware that signage is essential for the promotion of your business. While traditional signs are fine in some cases, there are some benefits that can be found with lighted building signs. Because of the associated benefits, you might want to consider adding them to the exterior of your building.

Lighted building signs have a warm, inviting appeal to them. When people pass them by, they are more likely to enter the business after dark, when compared to establishments that may not have the same nighttime appeal associated with them. These signs can also be easily customized to fit your needs, meaning you can have signs to advertise not only the business name, but also individual signs that can advertise the products you sell.

These signs are often cost effective. As long as you keep the color scheme and design simple, these signs can be relatively inexpensive. You just need to ensure that any design or style you choose adheres to any city or complex regulations.

Most people find lighted building signs easier to see from a distance. That means when they are driving through town, if they end up seeing a sign for a business or service they need, they can plan accordingly, giving you additional business thanks to simply having the sign on.

As a business owner, you need to ensure that you an effective sign in place that can help to draw people in and have you noticed. To obtain the perfect sign take a moment to contact Acura Neon Incorporated at (918) 252-2258 today. We can begin designing a sign that will meet the specific needs of your business.

4 Tips to find the right outdoor business sign company

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4 Tips to find the right outdoor business sign company

Advertising is very important to a business and to customers. It is with the right tools like attractive and flexible outdoor business signs that you will be able to create a competitive and good advertising scheme to move ahead in the business industry.

These signs come in various colours and can be used for advertising anything from drugstores, coffee shops, restaurants, bars and retail stores. They help boost the image and attractiveness of your business as you can express and personalize your business and design your own name and logo of the right colour scheme with the help of expert craftsmen.

Of course, all this is possible only if you use the services of a good sign company in your locality with the help of the following tips:

  • Good sign companies are those which offer various signs services based on different materials. The company should be competent enough to create both simple signs to the more complicated large LED signs.
  • The right company not only creates custom outdoor business signs as per your specifications, but also help in installing and maintaining it so that it does not get damaged or destroyed with time.
  • Reputable and good sign companies use the best materials to develop signs. This is important as the life of the sign depends on the raw materials used to create it. Remember, outdoor signs will be exposed to harsh weather conditions and temperature, and should be built strong.
  • Last but not least, always compare different sign companies before selecting one. Look for companies that have maximum star reviews and make sure they offer signs within your budget.

One good company you can approach for your signage needs is AcuraNeonInc http://anisigns.com/ at 918-252-2258.

Let Your Business Shine with Custom Lighted Business Signs

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Let Your Business Shine with Custom Lighted Business Signs

As a business owner, you understand the importance of standing out. It is critical to draw in the interest of those passing by, while also helping to aid those who are looking for your business. With custom lighted business signs, you can ensure that those looking for your business can easily find it, while doubling as a powerful advertising tool for those who may be passing by.

There are some important tips when dealing with custom lighted business signs that you should consider:

  • Ensure you use block lettering to display your business name so people can easily read it.
  • Use a soothing color that stands out in the darkness, over bold vibrant colors.
  • If you have a logo, ensure it is incorporated onto your custom lighted business signs for great results.
  • Verify that there are no restrictions for signs in your area, before you place your order.
  • Know a workable budget for your signs and find the best sign you can for the money.

Your custom lighted business signs are going to be the lifeblood of your company. These signs will continue to draw in customers and help your business continue to flourish and to look professional. As soon as you lease or purchase a new property, it will be important to contact a sign company to begin working on your signage.

If you need help or are ready to place an order for these signs, contact Acura Neon Incorporated at (918) 252-2258 today. We can begin designing a sign that will meet the specific needs of your business.

Crafting a Neon Sign

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custom neo signs

Crafting a Neon Sign

Neon signs have not declined in popularity since their debut decades ago. Outdoor neon signs have quickly become standard at the locations of almost all major businesses. There’s even a certain level of satisfaction in being a business owner and seeing an illuminated representation of your business right in front of you. Outdoor neon signs have practically become part of a rite of passage for the establishment of a successful business. Many business owners may feel nostalgic about putting up their shiny new signs for the first time, and even the planning stages of setting up their outdoor business locations can be memorable.

Everyone is used to seeing outdoor neon signs today, and there is a certain level of skill involved when it comes to helping them stand out amidst all the other city lights. An outdoor neon sign with nothing to grab attention can unintentionally fade right into the background, no matter how bright it is. The sign needs to strike the right note for your business. For many businesses, the sign is a huge part of the brand itself. People will always associate a given business with a specific variety of lettering and a specific logo.

Your outdoor neon signs are essentially a variety of advertising for your company. People will be able to see them from the streets and beyond. The sign will be their first introduction to your business, at least potentially. They may recognize the lettering of the sign from the advertisements they may have seen on the Internet or elsewhere. Many customers will probably picture the sign when they are thinking about visiting a given business in the first place. Even simple decisions like the color of your outdoor neon signs can make a huge difference in the minds of your potential customers.

Types of Neon Business Signs

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custom neo signs

Types of Neon Business Signs

There are nothing like neon business signs to help you promote and run your operation successfully. These signs draw attention to your location or even help enhance the inside of your establishment. It is difficult to operate most business without some type of signs and neon signs are the popular choice today, because of their special ambiance they provide. Check some the types of these signs below to help you choose which ones are right for you business.

1. Interior signs are used inside your establishment to restate the name of your company, to direct customers to restrooms or to show the name of a particular section of the restaurant just for some examples. These are suitable for many types of businesses.

2. Pylon or pole neon business signs are simply signs mounted onto poles or pylons to display them. These are ideal for outdoor display, as they can be made as large or as tall as needed to bring attention to your place of business.

3. Monument signs are ideal for making a statement. There are various different shapes, sizes and designs. Neon signing highlights the whole appearance of the sign.

4. Another type of signage is the electronic message centers. There are also special LED boards. These display such messages as the time, temperature and other information you desire. These neon business signs make a unique statement unlike other types of these signs.

5. Awning signage overhangs the entrance of establishments to welcome people into them. These advertise the name of your business, while often providing a rain-free zone depending on the style.

Where do you get neon business signs like the ones mentioned above? Call Acura Neon, Inc. today at 918.252.2258. We have been in business since 1988. We know how to design, install and service your needs.