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Acura Neon Signs » What You Need to Know about Outdoor Business Sign Prices

What You Need to Know about Outdoor Business Sign Prices

Written by blogadmin on November 14, 2014. Posted in Uncategorized


What You Need to Know about Outdoor Business Sign Prices

Any brick-and-mortar company needs to include money for outdoor signage in its advertising budget. This signage broadcasts the location of the company and makes it easier for clients or customers to know where to go in order to do business. However, before a company can receive a valid quote for the sign it needs to decide on what type, size and design of that sign. Each one of these elements figure in on the outdoor business sign prices our signage company charges to make and install the signs.


We offer pylon/pole, monument, electronic message centers and awning types of outdoor signs. Each one has its own, unique benefits to provide your company. The pylon/pole signs include cabinets attached to a pylon or pole. Various materials are used to construct these signs and illuminating them is possible. Monument signs are wide and not as tall as the pylon/pole signs are. These signs come in both single-sided and double-sided styles. Assorted materials are used in making these, including stone and brick.


Electronic message centers broadcast various messages such as the weather, time or a company statement. LED boards are also available for this purpose. These are operated today with the help of special software. Awning signs typically go over the entrance of a company. These advertise the name of the establishment. This type of sign offers a warm invitation to clients or customers as they enter the building. The awning signs also can provide protection from the rain, snow, or the heat of the sun.


Contact us here at Acura Neon Inc. today at 918.252.2258 so we may discuss your signage needs. We will help you determine the type, style and size that will suit your business the best. In addition, we will provide you with a quote for our outdoor business sign prices so you can decide what your budget can handle.

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