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Channel letters are individual letters illuminated by either neon or LED.  Constructed from aluminum, we build and paint the letters to match the size, style, and color that the customer desires.  We then cut acrylic or polycarbonate faces, and attach them to the bodies using plastic trim cap.  Channel letters are a great way to accentuate the storefront, exterior and interior elevations of your business.

channel letter signs

Raceway Mounted Channel Letter Signs

A raceway is an aluminum case that contains all the electrical components for the channel letters.  The letters are individually mounted to the raceway, and then the raceway itself is mounted to the end location.  Raceways are commonly required by shopping center landlords.

Flush Mounted Channel Letter Signs

Flush mounted channel letters are installed directly onto a wall, storefront, or other fascia.  The electrical components for these letters must be installed in the wall behind them.

Reverse Lit Channel Letter Signs

Reverse lit channel letters work in the opposite way that the other varieties do.  Instead of illuminating the letters, light shines onto the wall behind them, creating the effect of a glowing outline around each letter.